Rookie Ball Rules, Rookie Ball, 2015 (Oakville Minor Baseball Association)

This League is part of the 2015 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Rules and Regulations Rookie Ball 

Effective April 2009 


Rookie Ball players must be no more than 9 years old on Dec. 31st. of current year. 


Each player must have submitted a properly completed registration form accompanied by the registration fee prescribed by Baseball Oakville. 

3.1 The Rookie Ball division operates under the direction of Baseball Oakville and is subject to all its rules and regulations and the official rules of baseball.

3.2 Regulation Games 

A) In Rookie Ball a regulation game shall consist of six complete innings. 

B) In the event an umpire suspends a game, it shall be considered a regulation game provided four innings are complete (31/2 if the home team is leading). 

C) If a game is suspended in the middle of an inning the score will revert back to the last completed inning should this be a regulation game. 

D) Suspended games in regular season play will be rescheduled as a new game.page1image11216

E) All games must start at 6:15 PM promptly. Each team must have a minimum of eight players. If a team does not have eight players at game time a grace period of fifteen (15) minutes will be given, after which the game is forfeited. If neither team has eight players both teams will register the game as a loss.

F) No inning shall start after 8:00 PM and the game shall be halted at 8:15 PM regardless of the score or number of outs.

G) The umpire shall suspend any game before its completion for reasons of darkness, foul weather, and dangerous field conditions, etc... 

H) Should the Pitching machine stop working and cannot be re-started, the game will be considered suspended and the score will revert back to the last completed inning should this be a regulation game. 


3.3 Rookie Ball Game Rules 

A) Ground rules are to be established at the start of the game by the umpires. 

B) In Rookie Ball there shall be no base stealing, lead offs or bunting. The infield fly rule does not apply. 

-Should a player lead off, the base umpire shall halt play. Teams will each be given one warning, after such time each player caught leading off will be called out. All other runners will return to their original bases, the batter will return to bat with the same count. 

C) A dead ball: is a batted ball that hits any part of the pitching machine. The batter is awarded first base and all forced base runners advance one base only. If a batted ball strikes the coach at the pitching machine, the batter is deemed out. 

D) The pitching machine cannot be adjusted during an inning. Should the machine be hit by the ball only the umpire may move the machine or make any adjustments during an inning. 

E) TIME can only be called by the umpire when an infielder has possession of the ball in the infield (inside the base line) and is not attempting to make further defensive plays and raises his or her hand. 

F) Each batter shall receive maximum five pitches as called by the umpire. There is no base on balls (No walks). Note: If a ball crossed the plate over a batter's head or bounces into the dirt, the umpire will not count it as a strike unless the batter swings at the pitch. Batters cannot foul out.

G) Players CANNOT advance to second base if there is an overthrow on a play at first base. 

H) Players cannot advance to home on a passed ball. They can advance on a hit ball only. 

3.4 The Playing Field 

A) The distance between all bases in Rookie Ball shall be 65 feet. 

B) The pitchers' box shall be marked out as a defined area on the infield, with an 8’ circle. The pitching machine shall be placed 40 feet from home plate at the center of the circle. 

C) The pitching machine will be set at a speed of 40 MPH. 

3.5 Scorekeeper 

A) Each team will have a scorekeeper. Coaches will exchange lineups prior to the game. 

B) The winning team must report the scores to the convener within 24 hours. 

3.6 Offensive Coaches 

A) Two offensive coaches are allowed in Rookie Ball. (1st base & 3rd base) 

B) If a coach physically assist a runner, the runner is out. This includes ‘pushing them to run to the next base or even stopping them from overrunning a base) 

3.7 Defensive Coaches 

A) One defensive coaches for Rookie Ball is allowed anywhere in the outfield. 

B) Defensive coaches may not physically assist any player. Should this occur all runners including the batter are awarded THREE BASES. 

3.8 Mercy Rule 

In Rookie ball league games the following shall apply: 

If after the completion of 4 or more innings (3.5 if home team is leading) a differential of 10 or more runs exists the plate umpire shall terminate the game at 

that point and the game will be an official game with the score as it was at the point of termination. 

In Rookie ball - and in addition to the above, - after 5 runs have scored in any 1/2 inning, the 1/2 shall be terminated and the defensive team shall come to bat. This rule applies unless the last inning has been called because of time or it is the 6th inning, this inning will be considered open and the 5 run rule will not apply. 

Both teams are still subject to Section 3.2 part F). 

3.9 Batting Line-up 

A) In Rookie Ball the team at bat will be retired either when three outs are made or when five runs have crossed the plate (Mercy Rule 3.8). 

B) Teams shall exchange batting line-ups before the game commences. Late arrivals must be added to the bottom of the batting line-up if they are not at the field at the commencement of their first inning at bat. 

C) Pinch-hitters are not allowed in Rookie Ball. Should a batter be removed from the game during his time at bat, the next batter shall come to bat assuming the strike count. Baseball rules will apply. 

D) Pinch-runners are not allowed in Rookie Ball, however if a player is injured and must be removed, the last player put out shall act as a pinch-runner for the removed player. 

E) If a player bats out of order and an appeal is made by the defensive team the umpire shall: 

-declare the proper batter who missed his turn "OUT" 

-Nullify any advances or scores made by the base runners because of a ball batted by the improper batter. 

-However, the proper batter may take his place in the batter's box at any time before the improper batter becomes a runner or is put out and any strikes will be assumed by the proper batter. 

-If an appeal is made too late then the improper batter becomes legal and the player in that batting position is considered to have completed his turn at bat. The next batter will be the player in the next batting position in the lineup. 

3.10 Team Complement 

Teams will consist of a maximum of 14 players. 

page4image20552 page4image20712 page4image20872

3.11 The Defensive Team Complement 

A) The defensive team shall be permitted to play a maximum of six players in the infield area and four players in the outfield. 

B) No player shall sit out 2 innings before all players have sat out one inning in each game. No player shall sit out two consecutive innings. 

C) No player shall play in the outfield more than two innings per game, until every player has had two innings in the outfield. An exemption to this rule may be may be obtained from the Convener and Vice President of the division, if there are special circumstances pertaining to a player. Should this occur the opposing team must be notified prior to the start of the game. 

D) The defensive outfield must assume their set positions at least five (5) feet back of the infield area. They must not act as the primary receivers on the infield. When this occurs time will be called and batter/runner will be called safe and placed on the base they were advancing to. If forced all other base runners will advance one base. 

E) No defensive player shall play the same infield position twice in one game. 

F) Time-out to change positions of defensive players shall not be allowed. 

G) No player may enter the pitching safety circle during the game. Penalty for this offense is the batter/runner and all base runner are safe and advance one base. 

H) The pitcher before the pitch is thrown;
-may not stand in front of the pitching machine
-may not stand in the 8' circle
-may not stand more than 6' from the machine on either side or behind. 

3.12 Forfeited Game 

A) Should a game be forfeited, the score shall be recorded as 6-0. 

3.13 An Appeal 

Must be made before "Play" is called for the next batter. Standard baseball rules apply. 

4. RESPONSIBILITIESpage5image17872

4.1 Umpires Responsibilities

A) The decision of the umpires shall be final.

B) Umpires are the only ones that can call "TIME". Coaches must ask. 

C) To resume play the coach will show the ball to the batter and place it in the machine. 

D) The umpires will watch for and indicate lead-offs and steals. 

E) Watch for runners that do not retouch the base when the batters' fly ball is caught. 

4.2 Home Team’s Responsibilities 

A) Placement of bases, pitchers circle, batters' boxes and supply a new baseball before the game. 

B) Set the speed of the pitching machine prior to the start of the game. 

C) The return of all equipment and the pitching machine to the equipment box after the game. 


A) All batters and base runners must wear a CSA approved batting helmet with chinstrap. The chinstrap must be properly attached and worn under the chin. Deliberate removal will result in an immediate out. 

B) The catcher may wear any type of baseball glove. All other members of the fielding team must wear fielder’s gloves. 

C) Shoes with metal cleats are prohibited. 

D) A catcher shall wear catcher's equipment provided or approved by Baseball Oakville and shall consist of a helmet, mask, throat guard, chest protector, catchers glove and leg guards. A protective cup provided by the player must also be worn. This same item is also highly recommended for all other players. The catcher will position themself behind the plate and in from of the umpire. 

E) No player shall be allowed to take practice swings outside of the caged area. 

F) Players must not wear any jewelry. The exception being Medical Alert bracelet.page6image16712

G) Any person on the field who is cut during the game, or who arrives at the game with blood on their skin or clothing, will not be allowed in the dugouts, or on the playing field, until such time as proper first aid is given and the wound is covered or clothing is removed. Any equipment, including the baseball, must also be removed from the game should blood be on it (them).

H) All players must wear the Baseball Oakville provided uniforms during all games. Hat, jersey, pants and socks. At no time are shorts permitted to be worn during a game. The umpire will enforce this rule. Coaches are encouraged to carry the no shorts rule into practices regardless of weather. 


6.1 Baseball Oakville recognizes that you are a volunteer in the position of coach or manager. A coach must be a good role model; therefore guidelines of conduct must be established. 

6.2 A coach shall be ejected from the game by the umpire and may be suspended by the House League V.P. for any of the following infractions: 

A) Using profane and or obscene language.
B) Consuming any alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and smoking. 

C) Showing disrespect, ungentlemanly or unsportsmanlike conduct particularly in the presence of players or spectators, towards other coaches or managers, and umpires. 

D) Not giving equal consideration to every player on the team. In a regulation four inning game during any season or playoff game all players must play two innings in the infield. Breach of this rule could result in disciplinary action. 

6.3 Coaches, managers, spectators or other personnel ejected from a game must completely leave the vicinity of the ballpark. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture. 

6.4 The individual concerned shall have the right to appeal to the Protest and Discipline Committee. The decision of the Protest and Discipline Committee is final and binding. 

7. PROTESTS AND DISCIPLINE 7.1 Regular Season Games 

page7image18256 page7image18416

A team may protest a game if an umpire's decision is claimed to be in violation of the rules. 

A) If a protest is to be recognized, the protesting team shall immediately notify the senior game umpire of the nature of their protest who shall then notify the opposing manager that the game is being played under protest and witness a note of the protest on each game score sheet. 

B) The protesting team shall file a written protest signed by the manager or coach with Protest and Discipline Committee not later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the game by e-mail or hand delivery. 

C) A person or team official protested against may file a written reply with the Protest and Discipline Committee not later than 36 hours after the receipt of the copy of the protest. 

D) In the case of an umpire's misinterpretation of the rules, the misinterpretation shall, if possible were rectified on the field. If not a protest may be filed as above. 

E) A deposit of $50.00 - payable to Baseball Oakville - shall accompany all protests. This deposit is refundable. 

F) If, in the opinion of the Protest and Discipline Chairperson, an appeal or protest is based on personal differences as opposed to compliance with Baseball Oakville rules, it will be rejected immediately. 

G) The Protest and Discipline Chairperson will meet and attempt to hand down a decision not later than 24 hours before the next game of the affected teams or personnel involved. 

H) At the discretion of the Umpires, they may also file a protest regarding player, coach, or manager’s performance. 


In Rookie Ball standings shall be maintained. 


All teams in every division shall participate in a play-off schedule as determined by the division convener. 


Suitable awards to Players and Coaches shall be presented at the discretion of Baseball Oakville Executive.