Getting Assignments (Oakville Minor Baseball)

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The Scheduler will once again be booking the complete regular season for both REP and House League in May; once the Umpire Clinic has been completed and all VP’s have completed the schedules.

A lot of feedback to this method of booking has been positive. It allows the umpires to drop in their umpire jobs around their own schedules and see in advance the commitments they have for the summer. Games from Rookie Ball to Junior are booked this way.

Tournaments are an exception as they are booked 1-2 weeks prior to the date of a tournament.

Assignment Booking Night
Date: Tuesday April 24, 2018
Location: Oakville Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville (Trafalgar Rooms)
Level 1  (Rookie Ball-PeeWee)  6pm-8:00pm
Level 2  (Recap Rookie Ball/PeeWee thru Junior)  8:00pm-10:00pm

Scheduling is done primarily by email once the booking events are completed. All umpires need to ensure that the Scheduler has the following current information:

1) Email address (es)
2) Contact number(s) including cell numbers.

It is recommended that you or a designate check your email daily for last minute changes, park relocations or games that may be available to work. As done in the past, request emails of available games will be emailed to all umpires as they are updated for you to review and bid on-First Come First Gets.

Due to unforeseen circumstances it may be required to relocate an umpire from one assignment to another, Musical Umps as it is referred to. You will not lose a game assignment but the Scheduler may need to relocate you to ensure coverage at another game. We hope this does not occur but it may.

Assignments that you book yet cannot complete due to any reason must attempt to be covered by you first. Please advise the Scheduler as well that the game required coverage and who your replacement is. If it is done via email please cc: the replacement at the same time to ensure they acknowledge the booking.