Ejections (Oakville Minor Baseball Association)



Throughout the regular and playoff season-issues may cause players, coaches or spectators to get a little heated during the game.

Baseball Oakville follows the Town of Oakville’s R’Zone policies for behaviors that are unacceptable in the community.

During each season there may be a couple of incidents that occur that may warrant anyone being ejected from a game. All coaches are reminded that the umpires are to keep the games moving along as best as they can and to enforce the rules at all times. The league will not tolerate poor behavior on anyone’s part or even delay of game actions.

If you are required to eject someone, after a verbal warning, follow the steps noted below:

  1. Halt the game until the person(s) involved have exited the playing area.
  2. If they continue to act in an inappropriate manner ie: verbally abusive. You can once again halt the game and ask the person(s) to leave to the parking lot.
  3. Take a mental note or write down any players numbers if applicable/ejected as you will need to note for the incident report (either the plate or base umpire).
  4. Contact Heidi Dombek immediately following the game to report the incident and follow it up with a completed incident report that is available on the Baseball Oakville website.
  5. Don’t ponder about what you may have done incorrectly. At this point Baseball Oakville will follow up on the incident and resolve the situation with the disciplinary committee.

The main goal is to enjoy being an umpire and Baseball Oakville will support you 100% to ensure this happens.

Click here Umpire_Incident_Report to download an Incident Report