General Information (Oakville Minor Baseball Association)

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General Information

Thank you for being part of Baseball Oakville as a new or returning Umpire.

Noted below are a few details that answer questions that you may have.

Please take a moment and review the forms and information sheets that are posted on on a regular basis.

Umpire Responsibility and Commitment

  • If you commit to do a game, you have to be there on time.
  • Ensure that your parents (if applicable) can support your commitments as required.  If you forget, the game suffers, our reputation suffers and worst of all your reputation suffers.
  • Know the rules. Rules are posted on the Baseball Oakville website for House League.
  • Focus on constant learning and improvement.

Rain Outs

  • You must show up to the field unless notified. 
  • If the coach cancels the game at the diamond or if the plate umpire cancels the game (the plate umpire has control of the game as soon as there is a plate meeting), you will receive payment via e-transfer at the end of the season.


  • You do not get paid if the game is cancelled before game time and you had not arrived yet.  It is essential that you keep your cell phone on or check messages prior to leaving for the game.
  • You must go to the second game of a double header if you are scheduled, even if the first one is cancelled, unless you are advised not to by Heidi Dombek. Do not assume the second game is cancelled.


Umpire Assignments

  • If you are unable to make a game due to an unexpected emergency situation, email the scheduler (Heidi Dombek) to inform of any change so the master schedule is updated, an appropriate replacement is secured and the coach is notified.
  • If you do not show up to a game without any communication, you will be contacted by Heidi Dombek and receive a warning of potential removal from future commitments.
  • The Head Coach will contact the scheduler immediately due to the late arrival or absence of an umpire. 
  • Please note that for a REP game that the Oakville team may lose to the visitors if only one (1) umpire shows up. COBA recommends that two (2) umps be present for all REP games.

The Game 

  • Umpires are to arrive NO LATER than a minimum of 20-30 minutes before the game time.
  • Announce your arrival at the field to the HOME manager upon arrival.
  • NEVER have the teams wait for umpires to walk to the field 
  • The Home team is responsible for providing game balls. 
  • Review the ground rules 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. 
  • Keep the players and coaches hustling on and off the field in between innings.  The umpire has control of the game. 
  • You need to show confidence and authority at all times.
  • Do not hesitate to speak loud and clear to the coaches to ensure a smooth and consistent game pace is maintained at all times.



  • Teams are required to field 9 players to start a game. 
  • House League: A 15-minute grace period is given before the game can be declared a forfeit. Time however, is not added to the end of the game, it just cuts into the game itself.
  • If both teams wish to remain for a scrimmage, suggest a coach can umpire behind the mound.  Umpires are not required to umpire a forfeited game. (Due to transportation it is their discretion to do so).
  • It is recommended that you do stay if the teams wish to play and ‘share’ players for practice purposes. You have already been paid


The “Crash” Contact Rule 

  • Runners are instructed to slide or attempt to slide to avoid contact with a fielder. Any player who maliciously runs into another player is to be declared out and will automatically be ejected from the game.  If a runner scores prior to making contact, the run will count. Contact shall be considered to be malicious if:

1)     The contact is the result of intentional or excessive force and/or

2)     There is intent to injure.

Malicious contact is to be penalized whether committed by an offensive or defensive player. The umpires shall determine whether contact was avoidable or unavoidable. THERE IS NO APPEAL-A REPORT MUST FOLLOW and possible disciplinary review may occur.


Ensuring You Are An Effective Umpire


  • Consistency: Works hard to call balls and strikes within the prescribed strike zone,
  • Positioning: Always get the best position to call plays in the field.
  • Do not let coaches; players, fans, etc. intimidate you to call a ‘different’ call.  If anyone yells at you, or harasses you, the UIC will back you up if you eject the problem person.  All coaches are aware of this fact.  NEVER change a judgement call because of pressure from anyone.
  • Sell your calls.  Make them LOUD and CLEAR and with CONFIDENCE.
  • Take your time.  If you rush your calls, you will tend to make mistakes and have to correct yourself later.  Try to do it right the first time.  There is no need to advise the coaches of your strike zone before the game starts.
  • You must stick with your decision. You don’t have to explain. (though providing a brief knowledgeable explanation will create respect and understanding)
  • Always be polite, but firm.
  • Don’t lose your cool. Don’t swear.
  • Old Umpire saying: “If there are two people on the field yelling you don’t want to be one of them.”
  • Hold your temper when others are angry.
  • Judgement: Show a very good knowledge and application of the rules
  • Do not rush a game or appear to be rushing a game to leave early. It will be reported to the Scheduler.

Role of the Umpire

  1. Attend yearly OBA clinics to maintain or increase your certification levels.
  2. Know the rules of baseball.
  3. Read and understand everything in this manual.
  4. Report ANY incidents or problems to Heidi Dombek ASAP.
  5. Wear the proper uniform and equipment at all times.  You will be sent home otherwise.
  6. Bring your equipment with you at all times.  Plate or Bases are not pre-determined a lot of the times, especially if a schedule changes or absence occurs.  BE prepared!
  7. Attend the scheduling meetings if possible.
  8. Find a replacement if you cannot umpire a game otherwise you show up.


Please Always Report 

  1. Any change in your scheduling/availability
  2. Rain out and forfeits and incomplete games
  3. Ejections of a player, coach, spectator. An incident report must be completed and sent to the Scheduler within 24 hours but immediately contact via phone/email of the need to do an incident report. (report available on website)
  4. Umpiring a game alone and you were not advised
  5. Any incident or problem with a coach or player. (ie: delay of game, language, alcohol or substance abuse, etc.)
  6. Clarification of a rule
  7. Protested game


Umpires Uniform 

Umpires must wear a proper uniform at all games consisting of:

  1. Black or navy blue hat (either plain or with Ontario Baseball Crest)
  2. Navy blue umpiring shirt (Ontario Baseball approved)
  3. Grey Pants (no stripes or patterns)
  4. Black shoes (no white shoes-preferably baseball shoes)
  5. Black or blue socks
  6. Protective Cup is suggested
  7. Shin pads under pants not over pants.
  8. Powder blue, yellow, red, vanilla and black are allowed. Partners must match. Jacket must be solid navy or black.
  9. IF you are a REP player and are umpiring you cannot wear any garments that identify you are a REP player. Nothing with the A’s logo.

Umpire's Equipment

  • Baseball Oakville will NOT be stocking a chest protector, a face mask and shin guards at any diamonds. 
  • It is required that all umpires purchase their own equipment as part of their supplies they require for umpiring. Bring all with you to each game.
  • Ensure that the equipment your borrow is placed back in the box and in the condition that your received it.  Anyone seen damaging equipment will be responsible to replace it.
  • You will be required to attend your scheduled game with a ball bag, brush, watch and indicator.  These are essential supplies that must come with you for each game. 



Umpires are expected to know the following rules:

  1. The Official Rules of Baseball as published by Baseball Canada
  2. The Ontario Baseball Association Rules
  3. Baseball Oakville Rules
  4. Tournament rules (discussed with convenor at the tournament) if applicable.
Baseball Ontario rules can be found using the ONDeck App