Rates (Oakville Minor Baseball)





Rookie Ball    2 umpires        $25.00 each   

Mosquito 2 umpires        $25.00 each    

PeeWee 2 umpires        $30.00 each    

Bantam 2 umpires        $40.00 each     


Minor/Major Rookie Ball            2 umpires        $30.00 each

Minor Mosquito     2 umpires        $30.00 each

Major Mosquito     2 umpires      $35.00 each

Minor/Major PeeWee 2 umpires        $35.00 each

Minor/Major Bantam 2 umpires        $50.00 each

Bantam Elite League (BEL) 2 umpires      $55.00 each

Minor Midget 2 umpires        $55.00 each     (7 innings)

Midget 2 umpires        $70.00 each     (9 innings)  $55.00 (7 innings)

Minor Midget Elite League (MMEL)     2 umpires        $70.00 each (9 innings)

Junior 2 umpires        $75.00 each     (9 innings)  $55.00 (7 innings)


Unplayable REP and BEL Games

In the event that a game is not playable and the umpires are at the park at the 30 minute window and were not contacted to cancel (as the Manager was attempting to get the field conditions suitable) the payments for REP and BEL umpires for travelling expenses are noted below.

The REP coaches are to contact or attempt to contact the Umpire Scheduler to advise of game cancellation before the 30 minute timeline.


Rookie Ball   $10.00/umpire

Minor & Major Mosquito         $15.00/umpire

Minor Pee Wee $15.00/umpire

PeeWee $20.00/umpire

Minor Bantam-Midget $25.00/umpire*

Junior $25.00/umpire*

Unplayable House League games

Rookieball $10.00/umpire
Mosquito  $10.00/umpire
Peewee $10.00/umpire

*Please respect that many of the umpires for these divisions travel from outside of Oakville.  The sooner it is determined that a game is not playable the better.


All REP and House League umpires will be paid PRIOR to the start of each game. 

The Home team coach at the plate meeting will do this.

The game will not start without exact payment.