Payment Review (Oakville Minor Baseball Association)

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Umpire Payment Review


  • Umpires will not give “change” to a coach.  Baseball Oakville encourages all coaches to pre-package their HOME games payments envelopes with the exact change well in advance of the season start. NOTE THE DATE OF EACH GAME TOO.
  • In the event of a cancellation (field conditions, weather, low players attendance) prior to an umpire’s arrival at the field, an attempt must be made to contact the umpire prior to their arrival.  No payment is required for that game. But a make up date will be set by the VP of house league to reschedule within 7 days.
  • In the event that the umpires and coach make the decision to not play a game upon everyone’s arrival at the field, due to conditions unplayable, the umpires will receive a signed voucher in lieu of payment (House League only). For REP games the Manager will give the umpires the designate “travel fee” not a voucher.  This will be completed and signed off by the HOME coach.  Baseball Oakville will reimburse the umpire(s). 
  • In the event that a game is started, the umpires have been paid and the game is halted for weather conditions, the game must be replayed from the start within 7 days. 
  • When the umpires doing any raindate games are booked by the Head coach or Scheduler, they will be advised that they may receive a payment voucher from the Head coach in lieu of payment.  Unless the original fee was not paid. This will eliminate any coach requiring reimbursement at the conclusion of the season for money that they have paid for these games replayed.


Please email [email protected] advising of any rain games that have been completed.  Amounts will be reimbursed via Baseball Oakville via a cheque.


This point may only be applicable to a few umpires, depending on how the summer’s weather forecast goes.


  • Exhibition games: The Manager/Coach is responsible to cover the umpire fees for any additional games not on the regular or playoff schedule.    
  • The email address noted above will be a main communication tool for coaches and umpires to report, update and ask questions regarding any games and possible incidents or clarification.
  • Rescheduling games: Coaches are provided with their season’s games & umpires for each game pre-season.  The contact sheet that coaches receive also contains a listing of umpires names, umpire levels, phone numbers and email addresses (if applicable).  If a game is cancelled it is the HOME coaches’ responsibility to contact their umpires and cancel and rebook if possible as well as notify the umpire in chief.
  • Umpire Change: In the event that an umpire is unable to complete their designated shift, they are find a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found then you must work the game.