Representative Baseball (Oakville Minor Baseball Association)

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Principals of Representative Baseball

Representative baseball is, by its nature, more competitive than House League. The competition against other communities and amongst players for a spot on the roster can be, at times, very intense. We believe that healthy competition is good for both the individual and the team. It inspires top performance and, in the appropriate environment, will allow the player to thrive on rising to the level of competition required and will test their skills against the very best players.

While we encourage fostering a winning attitude, winning is one of several goals to be pursued. Others, no less important, include: developing individual skills and talents; having fun; learning more about the game of baseball; learning to be gracious athletes, win or lose; and developing a "TEAM" approach, which players can take into their adult careers.

Teams are made up of a wide range of individuals with differing capabilities and talents. Each was selected for the team because of a particular contribution which he/she can make to the team. All players deserve the chance to become as good as they can be. This does not mean that all players must or will receive equal playing time. It does mean that playing time for all players should be fair to the team and fair to the individual player.