Rep Program (Oakville Minor Baseball Association)

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Baseball Oakville operates the Oakville A’s, the official Rep baseball program in our community. The Oakville A’s play in the Central Ontario Baseball Association (COBA). COBA is an official affiliate of the Ontario Baseball Association (OBA), which is the official governing body for baseball in the province of Ontario, and recognized as such by Baseball Canada.

A’s Program Focus

The Oakville A’s Rep baseball program will deliver an elite baseball development program for players ranging in age from 7 to 21. As outlined in our Rep Manual, elite is defined by the:

1.     Quality and depth of baseball coaching provided,

2.     Opportunity to train year round,

3.     Ability to compete against the best,

4.     Opportunity to develop in a competitive and supportive environment,

5.     Exposure received by a player to showcase their talent.

The outcome of our elite baseball development program will be to maximize the talent and opportunity for each of our Rep baseball players. We strive to provide the best baseball environment available to an Oakville based ball player.

In 2017 we improved our overall programming by:

A.     Adding the ability to train year round at our own indoor training centre.

B.     Creating a connection between cohort teams and between all A’s teams – each A’s player and coach is part of something much bigger.

C.     Providing better A’s Rep leadership visibility. You will see members of the Rep Committee out at our diamonds.

A’s Player Streams

Baseball Oakville has an integrated program at each cohort that starts at House League and finishes at Tier 1. The Rep program will have two streams Tier 1 and Tier 2. Historically Tier 1 has been called AAA and Tier 2, AA.

Tier 1 is Baseball Oakville’s highest level of competition. Playing at this level is a commitment. Players aspiring to play AAA have made a decision to invest in themselves to maximize their talent and see where it will take them.  Tier 2 is our feeder team to our Tier 1 club. As a cohort moves through the eleven (11) age series, a player’s talent matures and skill sets develop. Today’s Rookie Ball Tier 2 player is likely a Tier 1 player at Peewee or Bantam. To meet that upward movement of talent, Tier 2 will heavily emphasize individual player development, including a greater exposure to positions.


A’s Teams

The Oakville A’s operate teams across 11 age series.

Age Series


Number of Teams

Minor Rookieball



Major Rookieball



Minor Mosquito



Major Mosquito



Minor Peewee



Major Peewee



Minor Bantam



Major Bantam



Bantam Elite



Minor Midget
16U 1-2
 Minor Midget Elite
Major Midget
18U 1-2
 Major Midget Elite
 18U 1